Welcome to SKY TO HAVEN, where wild women rule and pretty fields roll. I promise you two things; One, I will always 100% be authentically myself and search out YOUR authentic self, to preserve for you the best possible representation of your unique life + love. And two, I will 100% always show up smelling like either sage or patchouli or a mixture of both. If you’re down for those two, then we may be meant to be!


We may be meant to be if….

…you don’t mind getting a few (or possibly fifty) pricklies in your feet running barefoot through a prairie field, you’re comfortable laughing at yourself, and most likely laughing at me for a large majority of the time ;) We may be meant to be if ”That’s what she said" is a regular part of your vocabulary, and you couldn’t possibly fathom leaving your iPod home because music is liiiiiife. We may be meant to be if all you want to do at sunset is let it fall on your face and sink every last bit of it in. Or if you have zero problems slow dancing in the desert, mountains, creek, or anywhere for that matter.

Seriously though, photographing you is about waaaay more to me than just a well curated image. This is your life! These are your moments. It’s also my life and my moments and I want to spend it connecting in a real way. Why document something if it’s not real? I’ve gone there and done that in life, doing something because I think it’s how it’s suppose to go, meanwhile neglecting who I ACTUALLY am and what my PURPOSE is for being here. Let’s skip the fake part and run straight into the real, authentic you. The one that laughs out loud, is unafraid to say what you actually think, and loves like it’s your last day on this earth. I can help you get to that authentic you. Photographing humans is an art form if done right, and I am 100% here to make it happen for you.